After having been the photographer at SO MANY of my husband’s triathlons and races over the last three years, he was finally mine on Thursday during my first-ever tri!

Competitive swimming, biking, and running are NOT my jam, but this was a really fun experience. You can tell I’m not lying because I’m actually smiling in the pictures.

Believe me, this surprises nobody more than myself. 

  1. lespoirdelavie said: Damn girl! Good for you!
  2. myworldinboxes said: How do you look so cute during this torture?!
  3. nogreatillusion said: NO ONE looks this good while doing these terrible things. you are a fitness model and a goddamn miracle.
  4. peternyc said: GET IT!
  5. januaryembers said: Hey great job! Yay!
  6. heykate said: THOSE BIKING PICTURES. You are too cute. Glad you had fun!
  7. theselfhelpdiary said: You go girl!
  8. brittanyexpl0res said: Awww I freaking love this/you guys.
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