The event I have been coordinating was this weekend. Our non-profit triathlon club, founded in June of this year and headed by my fiance, wanted to give back to the community by organizing a charity run. My passion, as all of you know, lies in rescuing animals. All four dogs we’ve had in my family have been rescues, and I gain so much happiness and fulfillment from them. Luckily, the board of the tri club agreed with me on the charity, and we began to put this little event together.

For a club that’s not even a year old…and an inaugural event…we had a lot of success! We had over 80 paid participants (children and dogs were free, so we had WAY more than that), and we raised over $1000 for BARC!, a non-profit/no-kill pet rescue and adoption agency. I’m very proud to announce that this event enabled BARC to get several adoption applications filled out, and a supporting rescue that was there, SouthBARK, had a few adoptions themselves! Homes and love for animals who haven’t had the best lives so far…can’t get better than that!

And I have to brag: R & Kava won first place in the Multi-Species Teams division.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support and help of our volunteers, club board, sponsors, the City of Fairhope, the Fairhope Police Department, and our wonderful participants! I can’t wait for next year!

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