Just found this serious review I wrote on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi in 2007. I still like it. Though, I would like to say that their Aveda spa is amazerblades.

Everyone loves music in one form or another. I was delighted to see that the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, catered to all musical walks of life. From Bonnie Raitt to Poison to David Bowie to John Lennon, you will find some sort of memorabilia that tickles your fancy. On top of that, the hotel rooms are astounding. They have a very modern, sleek feel with amenities that tempt you to make upgrades to your own home. For instance, the shower boasts not one, not two, but three – count ‘em, three – showerheads. I don’t know about you, but to me, three showerheads trump almost everything in life, excluding, say, four showerheads.

 Unfortunately, not much else in the vicinity scored a passing grade.

 The casino itself is nothing special. There are other casinos in the Biloxi area that provide a much larger gambling space with a lot more to offer. Though, if you apply for an Encore Player’s Pass, you immediately get $10 on the house to play. Another bonus is that if it’s the month of your birthday, you can get an additional $15 on your Player’s Pass or a free buffet admission. I advise to opt for the $15 in gambling credits because the buffet received a C- on its report card.

 The buffet has six sections: Bakery, Italian, Soups & Salad, BBQ, Grill, and Asian. Of those, only the Asian table offered decent food, and only because I’m a sucker for soy sauce. Everything on the menu was lackluster and the variety was nil. If one is expected to pay $21.99 (weekend pricing due to the addition of crab legs), then the food should rank higher in taste and complexity. In comparison to the Beau Rivage right next door, the Hard Rock’s buffet is laughable. The Beau sports a buffet vaster than the day is long with food for which to absolutely die. 

If you value thirty-eight versions of the same Hard Rock t-shirt, please, invest some time in visiting the Hard Rock Casino on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It may not be the best choice, but they do have Madonna’s cone bustier.

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